MARAZ, African leather goods revisited from A to Z

artistic creation
and traditional know-how.

Maraz Origins , specializing in leather work, has adopted the adage that says: “You don’t go anywhere without shoes”.

Maraz is a story that began in Senegal in 2012 with the encounter between an artistic conception symbolized by a man and the traditional, secular know-how of an entire team to combine heritage and shoemaking expertise. Strongly anchored in its history, its culture and its territory, Maraz has turned, one thing leading to another, towards leather goods.

Maraz strives to offer you a range of original and elegant accessories that will be your life companions, in work, relaxation, travel – accessories (shoes, belts, handbags and travel bags, etc.) refined and perfectly finished, to sublimate your outfits.

At your side, Maraz wants to be synonymous with chic and allure, comfort, refinement and authenticity for the expression of your identity and your freedom.

More than an acquaintance

The passion for leather.

Maraz ‘s team of master craftsmen, with ancestral know-how passed down from generation to generation, meticulously shapes, cuts and assembles the parts of each product by hand to make it the messenger of a unique and timeless heritage. Maraz’s must-haves, the Tukki travel bag and Padam shoes take you on a journey of discovery through Africa’s rich history.

Whatever your personality and your activities, Maraz products, elegant, refined, luxurious, and of high quality, combining comfort and aesthetics, adapt to you and your lifestyle.

Maraz turns your art of living into a work of art.

The choice of prestigious materials.

Maraz products, in smooth or grained cowhide leather , resistant, manageable and pleasant to the touch, or in supple and fine goatskin leather for small leather goods, are exceptionally durable.

Accessories in textiles or other noble African materials accompany certain Maraz collections to also highlight the work and know-how of the women and men who produce them.

For the very top of the range, Maraz uses ostrich leather because of its exceptional quality and nobility, and also uses crocodile leather , which is rough and durable.

To contribute to the circular and responsible economy, Maraz also uses fish leather or shagreen , which is thin, flexible and resistant. This leather gives a vintage look to accessories, bags, shoes… made to measure.

At Maraz, stones that are both therapeutic and energetic , which give the products a unique and intimate character, adorn certain collections in the prestige range.

Sharing knowledge, changing lives

Maraz is also about sharing. Sharing to be bigger, more humble, stronger. Maraz shares its vision and expertise through training.

Maraz trains, in Africa and elsewhere, women and young people around leather work to help them develop income-generating activities and create value through a true and noble profession.

Maraz thus contributes to the development of the leather value chain in Africa and opens a window to a better future for women and young people on the continent.

Our values

Respect for work and for others, sharing, humility, these are the cardinal values of Maraz.

Our ambition

Become an essential and essential player in luxury leather goods in Africa and … elsewhere.